Grange School Becomes a WOWBii BUDDZone

Founded in 1958, and sticking to its ethos of maintaining a culture of continuous improvement, Grange school has established itself as one of the schools leading the quest for excellent education in Nigeria.

For six decades, Grange school has been at the fore of providing education based on the English curriculum whilst embracing Nigerian History and culture; educating young Nigerians who have risen to prominence in their chosen fields, excelling in all works of life.

Grange school continues to make strides in the quest for providing internationally acclaimed education relevant for developing global leaders. It is in this vein that Grange adopted the WOWBii Interactive touchscreens, becoming a WOWBii BUDDZone, and setting in full gear its preparedness to raise leaders equipped with skills to thrive in the 21st century.

The WOWBii Interactive touchscreens bring together a variety of applications and experiences to foster collaboration, interactivity and practical learning, catering for auditory, kinesthetic and indeed all kinds of learners, with the added advantage of developing creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills.

Grange School joins the Riverbank School, Greensprings School, MD School, Charles Dale Memorial School and Kids’ Court school in the community of WOWBii BUDDZones. Other BUDDZones in the tertiary education space include Covenant University, First Technical University, Rivers State University of Science and Technology and Mountain Top University.

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