A lot has been written on time management and even more on work-life balance.  In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, the new reality of work centres on interactive virtual and remote work as businesses roll-out hybrid work plans for business continuity

Different studies have shown that an average

worker in a boisterous city like Lagos spends 51% of each workday on three unnecessary tasks, namely: Unnecessary Commuting, Unnecessary Meetings and Unnecessary Emails.

These 3 tasks have varying percentages of ‘unnecessariness’. Simply put, The reason most people are stressed for time is that they are wasting more than half of each working day on time-wasting tasks!

Unnecessary Commuting (23 percent)

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A publication by Businessday (being the result of an 18-month research), showed that Lagosians spend 30 hours culminating in 75% of their work-week in traffic. The Lagos state government says that traffic jams cost the city ₦42 billion each year. That is 14.1% of its ₦297.01 billion internally generated revenue. That literally means, this figure is what businesses lost from unproductive hours.

Wowbii Interactive, Africa’s first OEM (original equipment manufacturer) offers cutting edge technological solutions for businesses and education which improves productivity without the rigours of daily commuting.

Unnecessary Meetings (16 percent)

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It is estimated that the average worker spends approximately 22 years of their 45-year career in meetings. An estimated one-third of that time is spent in meetings where there’s no value added. By the time the average worker retires, they’ll have spent at least 7 years in useless meetings, which comes out to about 16 percent of the time you’ll spend at work during your lifetime.

Yes, meetings are good for the business. The importance of meetings cannot be over emphasized, as they are avenues for ideation, assessment, strategy and project decisions. But, in a situation where impromptu meetings without agendas are the order of the day, they distract staff members from the pre-set work schedules. Many meetings are protracted and they don’t stick to time, leading to repetitive talk and no coherent resolutions.

Get your team members engaged and productive by adopting an interactive display panel that incorporates unified communication apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack on large format screens for video meetings, audio communication and Notes for Annotation (write, draw, erase, graph).

Unnecessary Emails (12 percent)

The average office worker spends 2.5 hours a day reading and responding to an average of 93 emails, of which approximately 68 (mostly CCs and BCCs) aren’t relevant to their core job responsibility.

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Since the average office worker spends 2.5 hours a day sending or replying to emails, that’s around 1.8 hours spent on those irrelevant emails

Add up those three huge time-wasters and it comes out to roughly 51 percent of your working life, which is a huge drain on your business making money!

Think about that for second. How much more could you accomplish if you were twice as productive? How much better your life would become, if you always had plenty more time for productive activities?


Implement a company-wide work-from-home

Most office jobs can be accomplished remotely (whether it is marketing/sales, administrative, finance, HR or IT) in fact, several studies have shown that remote office workers are much more productive than on-site workers. It is an investment that is worth it in the mid-term as the speed of ideation, business continuity planning and safety of employees are critical factors that proactive businesses should be concerned about

Create an efficient-meeting culture

  1. No in-office or virtual meeting without a pre-set and shared agenda
  2. No audio join ins, all participants must put on live video during virtual meetings
  3. No meeting longer than 45 minutes
  4. Only get people of critical interest into the meeting
  5. Collaborate and ideate better, use group annotation on digital whiteboard for all participants

Re-jig your email process

  1. Turn off email during peak working hours for non-customer facing units
  2. Discourage CC, BCC, and Reply All emails
  3. Discourage Sisyphean behaviour like trying to achieve “zero Inbox.”


Customize the company-wide email client so that it is impossible to close any internal email until you have rated its usefulness to you and your job, with this it would be easy to track those who are wasting everyone’s time

Get the team all together on a large format screen, in-office or virtually- let the ideas flow, collaborate and be ahead of competition!

To take learning, business interaction, ideation and team collaboration to the next level using the best of interactive technology available. Let us take a look at what you presently use, assess your needs, and recommend what would best suit your home office or establishment. In order to enhance productivity, ensure immersive learning, and sustain business profitability and expansion

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