Maybe the pandemic was not all bad.  It brought disruptions we didn’t know would make our lives easier up front and centre.  In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, remote, yet collaborative engagements are the new reality for businesses that will thrive in the future.

But this write up is not about the pandemic.  It’s about you.  Yes, you who never believed you could work efficiently away from your team, or your team away from the office.  With everyone compelled to work remotely, you sought the right tools to use in working more efficiently; the rest of your management team could use the help too.

Remote working works when you have the right tools; no, not just Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Slack. The sleek 12”, extra light mobile PC that was great for travel will not work so well unless you want to squint and hunch your way through 4 or more video calls daily.  Your quarterly executive brainstorming session where your team leads were at their most creative will never work with a projector system where the most repeated question is “Can you hear me??”.  You annotated on Powerpoints and PDFs…dissected numbers and graphs on Excel…you cracked jokes with colleagues …and meetings ended with amazing ideas that repositioned the business for success.  Now you can’t imagine how this will work post-Covid19?

Wowbii Interactive is working with forward-thinking businesses to deliver an enhanced new normal – interactive, collaborative engagements for consistently productive, yet remote, work.

Imagine remote conversation with:

Life-like Screen Sizes: A wide array of screen options deliver unmatched interactive telepresence.  From the 55” Executive Office unit to the 86” brushed silver panel, the Wowbudd delivers unmatched Interactive Telepresence® experience.  Microphones with optional Acoustic Echo Canceller software that pickup talkers (while suppressing background noise) at ranges of up to 30 feet, with 360° field of view complete the experience.

Real-time Multi-media Collaboration: Our lightweight collaborative platform improves your team in-room and remote productivity.  VImport multimedia files to a whiteboard for annotation, annotate and share instant feedback.

On-screen Recording: Capture Live events in-room only or remotely; with or without internet access.  Then instantly share a summary of events without errors from faulty transcribing.

Seamless Connectivity: Technology upgrades and compatibility problems are a thing of the past with the Wowbudd.  Delivered with the ability to work with the world’s largest operating systems, Android and Windows, it takes on iOS with ease.  This platform also extends your business applications environment where there are legacy Unified Communications investments like Cisco Webex or Polycom.  Best of all, it can convert to your cable TV as you unwind at the end of the day.

If you collaborate at a distance or manage a team or a project, or simply want to manage your time more efficiently while working from your home or small office, Wowbii’s BUDDRoom Solution is the revolutionary technology that offers way and beyond this functionalities

To take learning, business interaction, ideation and team collaboration to the next level using the best of interactive technology available, let us take a look at what you presently use, assess your needs and recommend what would best suit your home office or establishment to enhance productivity, ensure a sustained profitable business and expansion

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