For weeks, school resumption was contentiously debated. The more stories of spikes after ease of lockdown, the less likely it seemed that they would reopen.  The world is still not safe from the pandemic; Government relaxation of restrictions were as a matter of necessity, than based on progress on health grounds. Maybe some businesses might manage the re-opening process very well without significant spikes in infection rate without a change in business model. But not schools, considering the fact that for them to fully implement the safety measures they need more space, technology, staff and finance. From what we know now, the world we have today has greatly changed to yester-years and adapting to thrive in the new normal is the way forward.

Schools felt the pressure of lockdown in varying degrees. Those with existing relevant EdTech investment moved their teaching and learning online; those without left their students to the mercy of the medley of free media options.

From fewer classroom seats, to regular handwashing and sanitizing – all activities that ensure the school meets social distancing protocols.  The one thing the post-COVID school may be unable to avoid is technology.  In the event of another lockdown, learning would not stop. As classes resume, 40-seat classes become 20; how does the school deliver inclusive learning for all 40?

A few schools who transitioned seamlessly, had invested in the Wowbudd.  The Wowbudd is Wowbii Interactive’s technology solution for 21st century learning.  The all-in-one platform functions as a digital whiteboard with lesson tools that make teachers love teaching again.  It is an Android and Windows platform on which you layer a myriad of applications.  If you use Google Suite or Microsoft Education, you can’t go wrong with this.  It connects to your LMS, if you already use one, seamlessly.  The platform gives you access to the internet but works just fine without the internet.  With superior processing power and storage, it records classroom lessons – making the creation of Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) a breeze.  The most brilliant part of the platform is the camera – it brings the world to your classroom and takes your learners on immersive learning journeys only imagined.  It delivers a new ease in the creation of classroom videos – you can see your learners in class or virtual.  This was the feature early adopters leveraged.

The platform layers applications that drive learning – a teacher community to upskill teachers in content use and creation and activities that reinforce learning and ease learner evaluation.  A 3D application that allows you ‘touch’ objects you never could in real life – like the heart!  Existing applications can be uploaded to deliver defined requirements – so this will come with digital curriculum, local or international.

At this point, you are telling yourself – oh, my interactive whiteboard can do basic presentation. It probably cost you a fortune, hence you intend to use it for the next five years. I hate to break it to you but in two years from now, you would have spent at least half the amount it cost you to purchase it on operational costs and repairs. With the WOWBUDD, you will discover that in three years, your device is still as good as it was from the onset.

With the Wowbudd, your sudden 20-seat class (due to social distancing guidelines), rebounds to 40! Classroom engagement and real-time in-class or virtual collaboration spikes, because content, activities and evaluation are seamlessly improved. The EdTech revolution is finally here, it is time you join the league  of schools delivering a 21st century compliant learning experience

You are excited and ready to go right? Here’s the good news, In recognition of the challenges brought about by the pandemic, you now have access to payment plans and discounted prices courtesy of WOWBII Interactive. We would advise you to act now so you can ensure that your students; in-class or online do not miss even a minute of the learning activities.

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