Hybrid teaching is quickly becoming one of the most useful teaching methods to use. Though this doesn’t literally mean abandoning traditional teaching strategies. Because of its versatility and flexible options, teachers can still use many of the traditional teaching strategies they know simply by adapting them to a hybrid setting to ensure success in the classroom.

But in case you’re not sure how, here are 10 ways you can optimize hybrid learning spaces by using traditional teaching methods that have been proven to work.

Hybrid teaching does not have to be difficult. In fact, as a teacher, you probably already know most of the teaching methods this article will discuss. However, how to adapt those into a hybrid learning space is where the difficulty can arise.

These 10 teaching strategies are guaranteed to optimize your students’ learning spaces in a way that is both fun and engaging for both in-person and remote students.

What is Hybrid Learning?

Hybrid learning is a type of blended learning that refers to implementing synchronous lessons that are taught in-person and online simultaneously.

Hybrid learning is great because it allows the children who need face-to-face instruction to receive that while those who desire a more flexible approach can receive that as well. Hybrid learning also allows for varying teaching strategies to be used with only a fraction of the challenge.

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Hybrid Teaching Strategies for Your Hybrid Learning Space

Hybrid teaching is more than just the technology you use, it’s about how you use it! Many traditional teaching strategies are great for hybrid learning if you’ve got the right tech.  

Direct Instruction

Direct instruction refers to the tried-and-true version of teaching we all know. This approach is strictly teacher-centered where the teacher uses simple language to explain concepts to students with few questioning prompts.

Using this strategy for hybrid teaching is quite simple. All you need is a computer or a WOWBudd. What is important here is to make sure the teacher is placed in the center in all formats whether it be on video, in-person, or both. Continue to use simple and clear language to explain all concepts and learning objectives.

Play-Based Learning

Play-based learning is a strategy where students use social, physical, and critical thinking skills during play tasks. These play-based activities can be teacher-led or student-led. The activity can range from self-play using imagination or educational toys used to meet certain goals.

A great way to implement play-based learning into your hybrid learning curriculum is by using tablets or interactive screens to encourage play. Interactive displays are also excellent for gamification of learning objectives to help students be more engaged in their learning. 

remote learning edtech distance learning blended hybrid school classroom teaching


Prompting strategies relate to using guided questions and suggestions to help guide a student to the correct answer. Prompting is used to challenge students beyond the learning objectives without placing too many extra materials in front of them.

Much like direct instruction, classroom setup does not need to be complicated. However, prompting does not have to be teacher-centered only. Try pairing up both in-class and remote students using computers or tablets and have each one prompt each other on different topics on a study guide. You can also try different styles of prompting like playing Charades for example.

Modelled Teaching

Modelled teaching strategies involving a teacher showing students how to do a task by breaking it into small steps. The most common form of modelled teaching are things like math equations or step-by-step tutorials.

Modelling teaching works well with hybrid learning thanks to new and advanced software. With free software like Gravit Designer and Canva students both in-class and remote can create their graphics, equations, AR experience, and more.

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