In continuation of simple effective Hybrid learning strategies, here are other widely used methodologies for an immersive and interactive learning experience..

Service Learning

Service-learning strategies involve having students meet learning objectives or learning outcomes by volunteering within their community. These can also be things like internships or other activities outside of the classroom.

Service-learning can blend with hybrid learning and in fact, it requires no technology at all! Except for when students come back to share. Each student, in-class or remote, can go to a different organization or you can pair different groups together.

Think Pair Share

Think pair share strategies involve having students think about a certain topic, then pairing up and sharing their ideas with their teammates. Think pair share is a useful strategy for more student-centered classrooms

Think-pair-share setups are simple. Since the main strategies involve quiet thinking time than group or peer to peer discussion, all students need is a microphone and video technology. You can even make it more personal by using smartphone communication functions or make it a group competition and have students vote on the best idea using free websites like Poll Everywhere.

Two-Minute Presentation

Two-minute presentation strategies involve students being given two minutes (or any time limit you give them, preferably a shorter one, however) to give a quick, informal verbal speech about a topic. It can be something learned, or something new they learned on their own.

To use this strategy, you can simply have in-class students come to the front of the room, or have remote students pinned. By doing this you give them center stage even if they are not present. Remember, some students may also live in a noisy environment so ask others to mute their microphones so that the presenter can easily be heard.


The fishbowl strategy involves putting a small group of students in a circle with the rest of the class sitting in a circle around the group. Fishbowl is a little like think-pair-share but it’s more centered around a group of students in the middle and a group on the outside where the group of students in the middle discusses a topic while the outside is an audience, with limited participation until their given time inside the bowl.

To modify a fishbowl method for hybrid learning, you can focus less on the actual design of the classroom and instead look at alternative ways to create the two groups. For example, the students in the fishbowl can be in-class, while remote students are outside the bowl and vice versa. You can also mix it up by having ‘inside the bowl’ students hold an object of a certain color while ‘outside the bowl,’ students hold an object of a different color.

Peer-Assisted Learning

Peer-assisted learning strategies involve putting the teacher aside and letting students take charge of the learning environment. Peer-assisted learning can be used in several ways. Students can come up with their answers to a potential question, do group or individual research, or debate ambiguous answers.

To use peer-assisted learning in a hybrid setting, you can do things like give remote students and in-class students different learning objectives that they come back to teach each other or create pairs among the students. You can also implement things like riddles or study guides where students must work together in pairs or groups to find the answer.


Brainstorming strategies involve students coming up with the initial thoughts on an issue rather than using prompting or previous knowledge to build on the subject or learning objective. Brainstorming is one of the core elements of a student-centered classroom.

With collaborative software like myViewBoard doing brainstorming has never been easier. With an integrated system, both in-class and remote can collaborate on ideas and share documents. By keeping notes together in a safe location, students can build upon their ideas as the semester progresses.

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Final thoughts on Hybrid Teaching

Hybrid teaching holds so much potential because you can use more than just these 10 strategies for interactive leanring. If you think another strategy will work better for your class, then use it! That is part of the magic of hybrid learning in that it is flexible and adaptive for a variety of curricula.

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