With the present pandemic, new learning platforms have been borne out of pressing necessity. Though the concept of blended or virtual education is nothing new, but it has been constantly evolving, especially as improvements to distance learning technology have helped to make new teaching methods and approaches possible. With the vast majority of modern distance education courses now being online-based, some of the technology that was previously advantageous or desirable can now be considered essential.
Improvements to distance learning technology have helped to make remote education a completely viable alternative to in-person, classroom-style lessons and courses. As a result, many of the classic barriers to education, such as cost, geographical location, and space on courses can potentially be removed.

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Devices and Peripherals

The majority of modern distance education courses are online-based, which means it is essential to own certain devices and peripherals in order to access the resources. Some of the main examples of this are:

Computer/Internet-Enabled Device

Teachers and students alike are going to be required to carry out a range of different online tasks over the duration of a distance learning course. At various points, there may be a need to type, use software applications, save, download and share files, watch videos, and make use of text, video, or audio-based communication methods. You are almost certainly going to require a desktop, laptop computer or a tablet.

Writing and Drawing Pads

Because students are using online technology, many skills like writing are under utilized in the virtual classroom. However, many of these skills can be maintained by having students use drawing pads and other writing devices. Writing and drawing pads are great for not only handwriting, but they are a personalized way for students to brainstorm, share notes, and create artwork.

Camera,Microphone and Headphones

Effective communication only works if everyone in the learning group can make themselves heard and can also hear others clearly. The need for a device that offers quality audio-visuals cannot be overstated. Most modern laptops and tablets will come with a built-in camera and microphone.

Additional Devices/Peripherals

Some additional devices and peripherals may be vital in certain circumstances. For instance, a printer may be an essential piece of distance learning technology for correspondence courses, where work may need to be sent via conventional mail, and they may be useful for online courses too, allowing you to print learning materials.

For teachers and educators, WOWBii’s interactive display solution will make it significantly easier to give presentations, complete with real-time annotation, and will be essential for digital whiteboarding.

Communication Technology

In addition to having the devices and peripherals required to participate in online classes, communication solutions are also essential distance learning technology. In particular, these options may be useful or even crucial:


Ensuring effective communication and engagement is one of the most vital aspects of any distance learning course and email can be especially useful, because it allows information, instructions and even files to be sent at any time, even if the recipient is not online. Therefore, access to an email account is vital and a good email client can be advantageous as well.

However, there may be times when more immediate text-based communication is required too and instant messaging solutions are likely to be the best option here. WhatsApp and Telegram represent some of the most popular mobile options, urgent text-based communication, message boards or discussion forums could also be used.

Video Communication

Many distance education courses depend upon synchronous learning, some potential solutions here include applications like Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Zoom.

For teachers, it is recommended to have options available for both video conferencing and live streaming, as both have their uses. Screen sharing and digital whiteboarding can also be invaluable, helping to share information in real-time and encourage live collaboration. The WOWBudd is the ideal all-in-one solution for these needs.

To drive interactive learning spaces, Wowbii is offering simplified payment options to educational institutions looking to adopt education technology at scale. 

Wowbii Interactive is Africa’s foremost manufacturer of interactive flat panel displays.  With solutions for Corporates and Education, Wowbii is set to support education technology adoption that will leapfrog schools into 21st century learning spaces.

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