Working interactively and remotely, presently is easier than ever before, thanks to advancements in dynamic, cloud-based and touch screen interactive technologies. Everything from ideation, interation, video conferencing, team collaboration to web-based project management tools to advanced data

analytics and artificial intelligence technology are built in the cloud to take advantage of the real-time processing power of data and delivered on large format interactive screens

The future of work is for business owners, executives, IT and project managers and all members of staff to have access to interactive screens that brings everyone together for idea generation, collaboration and project management. WOWBii’s interactive screens are revolutionary business and learning technological tools for a 21st century organization

Here are six essential tools to help you prepare for the future of work

  1. Video Conferencing

Cloud-based video conferencing is especially useful for organizations that embrace a hybrid work model made up of remote and in-office employees since you can connect to a video conference call from your device. It gives you an easy way to start a video chat, join a meeting or schedule a video conference. This means that remote team members working from home, coffee shops, co-working centres and on the go can all easily connect to a video call and have the same user experience as their in-office colleagues. WOWBUDD being a technological business innovation supports all forms of Video conferencing applications

  1. Team Chat

Major messaging apps, collaboration and document sharing tools are supported by WOWBUDD e.g. Microsoft Teams, Slack. Employees can send one-on-one or group instant messages to their co-workers from any of their devices. Microsoft Teams interface and extends video conferencing capabilities to partners, prospects and other contacts outside of your organization.

  1. Project Management

There are web and mobile applications designed to help distributed teams organize, track and manage their work with simple and easy-to-use interface. It gives you flexibility over how your project board looks, lets you easily move task lists around and highlights project due dates, assignees and progress. WOWBUDD supports major project management software which gives you access to an activity feed on your dashboard to see what your team is currently working on. This makes it possible to work on projects with your entire team, even if you are not physically together.

  1. IT Enablement

Access-management platform like Okta that secures a company’s critical resources and provides a single sign-on solution for employees. It enables IT manage employees’ access to any application or device, regardless of their location. It comes with built-in reporting and integrates deeply with cloud, mobile and on-premises applications, directories and identity management systems

  1. File management and sharing: Google Docs

As part of the G Suite apps, Google Docs let you create and work on documents with people inside and outside your organization and see live edits as others type and communicate through a built-in chat feature. Since the documents are stored on Google Drive, you don’t need to install a program on your computer to use it, and you can access the documents from anywhere you have an internet connection. Essentially, workers from all over the world can work on the same file at the same time for increased collaboration and productivity.


An interactive display panel is a technology driven large format screen that enables users to make clear, crisp and concise visual presentations and control on-screen data and information using digital touchscreen interactions for productive meetings, learning and collaboration.

WOWBii’s interactive panels provide an all-in-one solution for your interactive technology needs. Each of our screens offers optional onboard PC and Wi-Fi modules, an easy-to-install software package, and an Ultra HD display for a state-of-the-art viewing experience

The painful eye strain, blurred vision, and headache due to long period of using a laptop or desktop is non-existent with interactive displays as they come in large formats that allow you to stand or sit while you annotate, video conference, brainstorm with your team or learn


The workplace of the future is no longer a single location but a collaborative environment enhanced by technology that enables employees to work from wherever they are most comfortable and productive. This means designing workplaces around flexible work arrangements where employees can come and go from the office based on preference and as project work dictates. More importantly, this means investing in tools that enable seamless work and collaboration regardless of your employees’ locations. The workplace of the future is flexible, mobile and connected.

To take learning, business interaction, ideation and team collaboration to the next level using the best of interactive technology available, let us take a look at what you presently use, assess your needs and recommend what would best suit your home office or establishment to enhance productivity, ensure a sustained profitable business and expansion

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