The WowbuddTM is a large format interactive flat panel display that is changing the way teaching contents are delivered and how learning is perceived. It is a technological disruption that is set to revolutionize education. A new era of teaching that integrates multiple media and information sources has begun. In fact, the Wowbudd has astonishing potential to make learning more engaging and effective in many surprising ways.

The words of educational reformer John Dewey rings true today more than ever:


The Wowbudd stands out for its ability to amplify web-based resources and transform the way students interact with educational content in-class or online. It infuses lessons with impactful content. Teachers can easily expand their curriculum by integrating new materials into a lesson. Virtually any electronic file or content from the Internet can be used, along with any online educational resource or app.

For one, teachers gain more features for developing and delivering high-impact lessons. IT staff enjoy reduced maintenance. With a lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO), it is a favorite among administrators likewise. The Wowbudd is an all-in-one classroom solution that wears many hats and offers many advantages. It is a multifunctional media center with an embedded processor and web browser.  They are high-definition displays combining the functionalities of projectors and interactive white boards. Finally, they offer multiple points of interactivity and are as easy to use as a tablet or smartphone. 

Research results indicate that, in general, using interactive board was associated with a 16-percentile point gain in student achievement. This means that we can expect a student at the 50th percentile in a classroom without the technology to increase to the 66th percentile in a classroom using [these] boards.

Performance boosting features of the Wowbudd are the following:

Graphics and visuals. Using graphs, charts, and other visuals to represent information was associated with a 26 percentile-point gain in student achievement. Examples include photos, drawings, and videos downloaded from the Internet.

Reinforcing instruction. These are actions that, signal that an answer is correct or to present information in an unusual context. Applications that enable teachers to uncover information hidden under objects. Or those that drag and drop correct answers or cheer correct answers with virtual applause.

Audience response. Teachers who combined audience response had a 26% additional gain in student achievement. These enable students to enter responses as well as vote in polls.


The Wowbudd is simpler and easier to manage than projector-based whiteboards. This makes them more cost-effective in terms of acquisition and maintenance. 

  • Easier, faster installation
  • No initial calibration required
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced maintenance: no bulbs or filters to change
  • Longer lifespan
  • Typically, free from licensing fees and software/hardware agnostic 


The Wowbudd offers superior advantage in terms of teacher-student engagement, and ultimately students’ academic performance-

  • Maximizes teaching time; no downtime from burned out bulbs or recalibration
  • Greater reliability for more uninterrupted class time
  • Eliminates shadows and glare (from projectors)
  • Quiet, fan-free operation
  • Crisp, bright display lets teachers keep the lights on
  • Easy cart mounting for resource sharing (without recalibration)
  • Versatile teaching tool for seamless use of cloud resources
  • Enhances collaboration with multiple touchpoints and the ability to annotate over displayed content

To drive interactive learning spaces, Wowbii is offering simplified payment options to educational institutions looking to adopt education technology at scale. 

Wowbii Interactive is Africa’s foremost manufacturer of interactive flat panel displays.  With solutions for Corporates and Education, Wowbii is set to support education technology adoption that will leapfrog schools into 21st century learning spaces.

To take learning, business interaction, ideation and team collaboration to the next level using the best of interactive technology available, let us take a look at what you presently use, assess your needs and recommend what would best suit your home office or establishment to enhance productivity, ensure a sustained profitable business and expansion

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