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By 2015, technology needs were shifting and new software and technologies were redefining work and life.  Large format, interactive screens were changing the landscape and creating new ways to engage and collaborate.  factor screens and interactivity looked promising but there was no focus on supporting the African market.  When technology is eventually sold, they have been designed without recognition of local peculiarities, leaving early adopters underserved with high cost upfront costs and zero post-sales support.

With the burgeoning youth population and Africa being the next projected frontier, there was a need for a Continental OEM that to develop a platform with the challenges of locals in mind. A stakeholder with clear understanding of the typical African challenges would give countries the same access, as best as possible with a view to impacting communities.

With a market so vast, we knew it was a challenge we had a response to…


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WOWBii Interactive is Africa’s first original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of interactive flat panels (IFPD). Our panels are delivered as solutions targeted at key industry verticals with a focus on improving meeting room experience (Corporate) and transforming the way we learn (Education).

In the last decade, IFPDs have begun phasing out Interactive White Board (IWB) solutions and business, IFPDs are redefining presentation styles and offering collaboration options. This is because IFPDs offer a significantly richer experience and better long-term value for money.


As the foremost proponent on interactive education solutions on the continent, WOWBii creates BUDDZones in partnership with institutions. These partnerships allow us drive Interactive Learning technologies across Africa. Our BUDDZones are delivered:

  • Tech–ready: Equipped with Interactive Panels and learning applications that will run on Windows + Android; Secure student and Educator devices; leveraging host country education curriculum
  • Tele-Education enabled: Enabling access of multiple classrooms to high quality remote-located Educators using interactive tele-presence
  • Power-ready: Using securely stored solar and backup battery
  • Future-proof: Teacher Training, Hardware and Software support

Use for Education

Learning in a connected world encourages social media sharing and game-based learning, blurring work-play lines and stimulating creativity.

BUDDZone™ is a learning area offering education itinerary designed to enable Educators use technology resources to drive interactive learning.  It transforms classrooms by supporting new and dynamic ways to develop, present and share content in real-time, creating an ecosystem that truly reflects 21st Century education.

Use For Business

Transform the way you work with rich, features that address mission-critical needs and enhance in-person collaboration.

BUDDRoom™ is a business bundle of in-room and remote communication and collaboration experiences that increases productivity across all organizational levels and locations. It redefines workspaces, allowing attendees to meaningfully interact in ways not possible with traditional meeting rooms.

Office Contacts

9b Adebayo Munis Close Gbagada Phase 2,
+234 812 992 8836

9b Adebayo Munis Close Gbagada Phase 2,

+234 812 992 8836

9b Adebayo Munis Close Gbagada Phase 2,

+234 812 992 8836