Let’s get real. Prior to this, you have held successful meetings. You were prepared – PowerPoint slides, check. Notes, check. Team member invitations – remote attendees and in room, check. Minutes will be taken and deliberations relayed subsequently, nothing could go wrong.

Projectors set up by the tech guys, lights dimmed, meeting starts and then it’s one of those meetings again- attendees scribbling halfhearted notes, dull lights from projectors contributing to the already unexciting moment, remote attendees having difficulty participating, lack of flexibility and active interaction, repetitive meeting recaps, you know the drill. Then it dawns on you; today’s meeting isn’t peculiar, in fact almost all the meetings you’ve attended lately have been like this to some degree and perhaps they have not been very successful. This scenario is all too familiar.

In response to 21st century business strategy and the ever-permeating internet of things, businesses strive for competitive edge by easy and prompt information gathering, organizing, analyzing and collaboration across disparate locations to support organization strategies.

In response to this present need, the BUDDRoomTM is a business bundle by WOWBii Interactive that facilitates active interaction and collaboration in meeting and boardrooms, eliminating geographical barriers to enhance collaboration, speed and flexibility in information gathering and dissemination.

It fosters interaction with content in meeting rooms in ways simply not possible with ‘traditional meeting rooms’, converging tools and technologies for the meeting room into one system- teleconferencing, electronic white-boarding, graphs, spreadsheets, slides, videos etc., while enhancing real-time interactivity using touchscreen technology that allows selection, drag and drop, write, draw, highlight, erase and more on an ultra HD screen.   So, does your company need WOWBii’s BUDDRoomTM? To that we’ll say ‘Wow! Let’s be interactive’.

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