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WOWBUDD™ is a stylish, large-format, interactive touchscreen with up to 4K UHD crystal clear picture quality. It is the All-In-One solution for presentation, communication and collaboration in the meeting room and classroom, the single replacement for the blackboard, whiteboard, flipchart, projector, PC and more.

Intuitive Digital Experience

  • Dual OS (Windows and Android) for a wide range of applications
  • Highly responsive Infrared (IR) touchscreen technology
  • Immersive video and audio experience
  • Wireless communication and collaboration
  • BYOD, any platform, no vendor lock-in

High Performance

Over 30,000 hours of operation


Sturdy steel frame, toughened glass screen

Energy Efficient

Noiseless, low energy consumption and heat emission


Up to 5 years


Montage is a wireless presentation system that allows multiple users, whether they are in-room, remote or on a different network, to wirelessly cast their device to the interactive touchscreen. It breaks down barriers that stand in the way of effectively sharing information and ideas in your meeting spaces.

With one click, meeting attendees can wirelessly cast what’s on their device to the main meeting room screen. Designed for collaboration at work, Montage comes with enterprise-grade security and can be centrally managed and deployed depending on your organization’s requirements.

Software-only version also available

WOWBii Tailor-Made (TM) Hardware

WOWBii Tailor-Made (TM) Hardware is a diverse portfolio of custom-tailored notebooks, hybrid laptops, mini-PCs and desktops that uniquely communicates the desired brand identity or message of your organization, institution or project.

The TM series comprises an array of instant, on-demand branding and customization options on devices for special programmes, initiatives and campaigns.

Interactive Screen learning school

Benefits are:

  • Unique and innovative means of communication
  • Makes hardware a key element of organizational or institutional corporate identity
  • Maximizes public recognition of any project
  • Promotes goodwill for sponsors and donors in the minds of their beneficiaries
  • Ensures that lost or stolen devices have no open market value with CUCo® Hardware Security
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