The WOW School™️ is an indigenous, patented concept fusing technology, capacity development, architectural design and engineering. The WOW School™️ was created in the knowledge that learning is authentic, interesting and permanent when learners immerse all 5 senses in highly interactive, fully functional and flexible spaces.

At the core of these physical and virtual learning spaces are interactive technologies for personal and collaborative learning. The technologies drive curriculum-aligned activities which guide our creative design architects on layout and materials that embrace team-work and safety. The WOW School™️ focuses on the delivery of technology-based learning without the hassle of owning learning infrastructure.


Every child deserves a leg-up in a competitive world.  The Wowbudd lights up more learning senses showing learners a new and more permanent way to learn!   3D learning applications deliver an immersive understanding of how concepts in the sciences work, leading enthused minds to explore more of the universe. Curriculum-aligned activities support Educators in bringing the world to the class.  In-class or remote, the learning experience is just as immersive.   This is the perfect front-of-class device for the Google Classroom learner or Microsoft Education.

As tertiary institutions move towards more flexible ways of teaching, we’ve also adapted our technology to support remote learning.  The feature-rich display of the Wowbudd is suitable for tertiary learning spaces too – Lecture Theatres, Student collaboration spaces and classrooms.  Our mobile options provide the all-in-one solution for sharing spaces and ideas!


Education Technology encompasses new modes of learning and pedagogy.  Education technology transformation is therefore redefining the space of the traditional teacher.  The Wowbudd provides access to a free, platform-agnostic, teacher-centered community that navigates new possibilities.  The flexible digital whiteboard redefines communication styles; 0n-board subject tools teach old concepts with new emphasis creating new meanings in more permanent learning formats.

Wowbii recognizes the importance of a strong Facilitator in a learner-centered classroom. Our curated curriculum, Educator Technology Adoption Program (eTAP), offers a calendar of topics that begins with the hardware platform and ends with content creation, with a clear transition metrics.  Wowbii teachers teach teachers how to transition to ‘Facilitators’, ‘Guides’ and ‘Mentors’ using technology are a tool.



The Wowbudd offers a size for every meeting space The Wowbudd family of devices include Interactive podiums. Together, these products are bridging digital and physical divide in hybrid spaces. Welcome to Hybrid Working.


Innovation remains the driving force in the post-pandemic workspace.  Today busy business stakeholders require consistent, enterprise-grade communications Executive Offices and small teams demand the same immersive experience for creative productivity in Huddle Spaces. 

The Wowbudd is Windows Collaboration Device that delivers beyond video conferencing.  Focusing on providing flexible, vendor-agnostics platforms that connect existing spaces, it is the must-have tool for organizations that require seamless connectivity.


The Wowbudd opens with gorgeous large screen display with advanced ideation capabilities.  Open the digital whiteboard and jump right onto the 20-point-touch and creative collaboration.  With Windows 10 pre-installed, the Wowbudd seamlessly integrates with Enterprise infrastructure, moving beyond meetings to collaborate better.

With remote colleagues in the room in full life-sized video, everyone participates using a robust mic array and 4k camera. 


Expand the experience for training areas.  Design the training room layout for immersive, collaboration and let the Wowbudd redefine how content and learners engage.  In-class or remote, the learning experience is just as immersive.