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WOWBii Tailor-Made (TM) Hardware

WOWBii Tailor-Made (TM) Hardware is a diverse portfolio of custom-tailored notebooks, hybrid laptops, mini-PCs and desktops that uniquely communicates the desired brand identity or message of your organization, institution or project.

The TM series comprises an array of instant, on-demand branding and customization options on devices for special programmes, initiatives and campaigns.

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Benefits are:

  • Unique and innovative means of communication
  • Makes hardware a key element of organizational or institutional corporate identity
  • Maximizes public recognition of any project
  • Promotes goodwill for sponsors and donors in the minds of their beneficiaries
  • Ensures that lost or stolen devices have no open market value with CUCo® Hardware Security

CUCo® Hardware Security

CUCo® prevents unauthorized use of lost or stolen devices and works even when OS is reimaged or a new hard drive is installed. It comprises:


*Hardware Recovery

*Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

Locks down non-compliant units, significantly reducing default on payments

*Central Unit Control

Cloud-based server for enterprise device owners to manage their fleet

How CUCo® Works

CUCo® security technology enables device to:

  • Self-compliance check
  • Remote locate
  • Lockdown
  • Unlock

CUCo® automatically executes device lockdown when device rules detect:

  • Hacking attempt
  • Non-compliance use
  • Theft/lost report
  • Timer expiry

CUCo® device lockdown survives:

  • Operating System reinstallation
  • Hard disk replacement
  • ROM vulnerability attacks
  • BIOS re-flash

When device reaches end of contract, it retrieves a definite free status which permanently ends the CUCo® security mechanism.

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