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WOWBii Interactive Touchscreens

For Education

Learning in a connected world encourages social media sharing and game-based learning, blurring work-play lines and stimulating creativity.



BUDDZone™ is a learning area offering education itinerary designed to enable Educators use technology resources to drive interactive learning.  It transforms classrooms by supporting new and dynamic ways to develop, present and share content in real-time, creating an ecosystem that truly reflects 21st Century education.

  • Empowers students by developing their critical thinking, creative, communication and collaboration skills (4Cs)
  • Supports visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning styles so teachers can teach the way students learn
  • Provides multiple ways for students to interact with content, deepening engagement and improving information retention.

For Enterprise

Transform the way you work with rich, features that address mission-critical needs and enhance in-person collaboration.



BUDDRoom™ is a business bundle of in-room and remote communication and collaboration experiences that increases productivity across all organizational levels and locations. It redefines workspaces, allowing attendees to meaningfully interact in ways not possible with traditional meeting rooms.

  • Use for a myriad of business functions including teleconferencing, whiteboarding, slides, graphs, spreadsheets, videos etc.
  • Communicate and collaborate wirelessly.
  • Share content in real-time across devices in-room and remotely with multiple interactive participants                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

News & Updates

Driving new learning: dear Teachers, Technology is your tool

Most people dislike disruption. Given a choice, the inconvenience of suddenly changing the age-long way of doing things, whether it is in teaching, learning, using new technology or any other human endeavor is readily avoided. This is particularly true for teachers in the African continent.

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Grange School Becomes a WOWBii BUDDZone

Founded in 1958, and sticking to its ethos of maintaining a culture of continuous improvement, Grange school has established itself as one of the schools leading the quest for excellent education in Nigeria.

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GESS Leaders in education summit: a platinum sponsor

The GESS leader in Education Summit holding on the 28th and 29th of November, 2018  in Kenya is a conference targeted at top educators within the education sector.  Facilitators for the event are top personnel from the education and tech sectors.

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